Baker’s View


“Since its formation in 2000 the 500 Club has made a massive contribution to the football club enabling it to carry out a number of important stadium and pitch improvements which otherwise it would have been unable to fund.

Steve Smith and his committee are to be congratulated on setting up the club and making it the success that it is with a steadily increasing membership enabling some very big cash prizes to be awarded. Everyone really is a winner, especially Cheltenham Town Football Club.

One of the biggest compliments I can make is that the club is entirely run by volunteers who give up their time for the sole benefit of the football club and that the football club gets a very real benefit without having to be directly involved. It is also the case that the club has come to our rescue on a number of occasions when money was required urgently be it for a replacement battery for our emergency lighting, frost covers or to implement spectator safety measures.

Without doubt the biggest single investment was £20,000 a couple of seasons ago to allow very necessary pitch improvements and repairs to be carried out in the close season. The 500 club can rightly take great credit for our excellent playing surface and for the significant contribution it has made to the football club since its inception.

If you support Cheltenham Town and want to have a chance of winning some great cash prizes please join today. I thank all of the existing 500 club members for their continued support of the 500 club, and hope that it continues to grow.”

Paul Baker
Cheltenham Town F.C.