Membership of the 500 Club costs just £5 per month (or £60 per year). Members can pay their subscriptions either monthly (£5) by standing order, or annually (£60) by cheque or cash. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer the facility to purchase membership online due to the requirements of online merchant service providers.  The preferred method of receipt is by monthly standing order as this helps to reduce the burden of administration.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16.

There is no upper limit to the number of members of the 500 Club.

20% of all membership subscriptions received are pledged to Cheltenham Town Football Club (“CTFC”). Amounts pledged will be accumulated and released to CTFC for ground improvements or other appropriate projects that have been identified and authorised by the 500 Club Committee.

Membership of the 500 Club allows members to participate in a weekly draw that, based on current membership levels, offers the following cash prizes:

1 weekly prize draw of £300 (40 weeks).
1 monthly prize draw of £500 (11 months).
1 annual prize of £5,000.

The weekly draws take place on the pitch during the half-time interval at home matches usually the last home match of each month. When there is no home fixture, the draw is deferred until the next home game. During the close season, the weekly draw still takes place but privately but more than one person is always present to ensure that the draw is conducted fairly.

The £500 monthly prize is drawn on the last Saturday of each month.

The Grand Christmas Draw is made at half time during the first home game after Christmas Day.

Members are only eligible to participate in the weekly draw if payment of their subscription is up to date. Any member whose subscription is in arrears will not qualify for inclusion in the weekly draw. Only those members who join before 1 September are eligible to participate in the Grand Christmas Draw for that year.

Anyone associated in the running of the 500 Club will not be allowed to be a member.

The names of prize winners are published online on this website.

Each prize may be paid only to the owner of the winning number.

A presentation of the weekly prize is made to the winner on the pitch at half time at the next home fixture or will be sent by post if preferred. During the close season all prizes are mailed to winners. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have your up to date contact details in case you are a winner.

In the event that the average number of paying members falls below 469, the annual Grand Christmas Draw prize of £5,000 will be reduced by around £48 for each member under 469. For example, if there are 465 paying members, the Grand Christmas Prize Draw will be worth approximately £4,800.

All profits arising from the 500 Club will be donated to CTFC (in addition to the 20% of membership subscriptions that are pledged to CTFC). “Profit” for this purpose is defined as: subscriptions received, less amounts pledged to CTFC (20% of subscriptions received), plus interest earned, less prize monies paid, less incidental expenses incurred, less tax payable on the resultant profit for the year.

The table below indicates how membership numbers determine the potential funds that can be generated annually on behalf of CTFC: